Blocking cylinder

Working principle: The air in the engine cylinder converts thermal energy into mechanical energy through expansion, and the gas is compressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure. The blocking cylinder is a cylindrical metal part that guides the piston to reciprocate linearly in the cylinder.



1. Blocking optimization: ensure that the blocker has a damping function under no-load or full-load conditions. No matter how much its actual load is, it can be softly buffered, and the restoring force will not cause any damage to it;
2. Short cycle time: the diversity of the manufacturing industry requires the transmission system to be adaptable and versatile. In each mechanical device, continuous heavy load requires a safe and reliable operation, which can be achieved by adjusting the damping;
3. Excellent manufacturing quality: for precision machinery, free vibration damping at the end position has a decisive effect on processing quality;
4. Adjustable speed: automatically adjust the influence of damping;
5. Stable mechanical performance: small strain and damage to the side of the support frame;
6. Reliability continues to improve: the clamp with buffering reduces the mechanical stress in the conveying system;
7. Good positional stability: the stable damping characteristic design ensures to decelerate and stop the pallet stably.


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