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Wuxi Xuelang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xuelang Cloud"), a professional industrial internet platform service provider, Warm has reached a strategic cooperation with it to jointly build a national industrial internet platform and create a "factory brain" to provide industrial enterprises with digital factory solutions across industries and regions with full life cycles.

We have rich experience in the industry application of core technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and machine learning. By collecting and analyzing data on human, machines, materials, methods, and environment, Warm provides big data and technology products, which is oriented on real demand scenarios, to help customers with comprehensive and rapid transformation on digitalization in the chain of "supply", "research", "production", and "sales" to realize all-round upgrades from products, production lines to industrial chains.

We regard the factory as a whole, the operating system as a "factory brain", and build a new industrial technology system of "regard data brain as a core, software and hardware collaboration as a framework, and the collaboration between human and machine as a model". The research direction covers industrial data asset management platform, industrial data intelligent algorithm platform, industrial data analysis platform, industrial micro service platform, industrial intelligent edge computing and other fields. We have a variety of intelligent industrial software such as "industrial data development and management platform" and "industrial data relationship graph analysis platform", which can provide industrial technicians with a configurable and easy-to-use industrial intelligent algorithm editing tool, thereby we can graph the complex relationship of “Human-Machines-Materials-Methods-Enviroment” and establish data association to help companies manage and control process risks and achieve the intelligent upgrades of data, processes, and decisions.

We can provide product-based overall digital transformation consulting and industrial data brain implementation solutions for traditional manufacturing, energy, power and other industries across the country. In the meanwhile we create digital factories in multiple dimensions according to the enterprise's own demands, and take advantages of edge computing, cloud large-scale computing and storage capabilities with using real-time data resources of manufacturing enterprises. Combining industry knowledge, we deal with data with artificial intelligence algorithms to overall optimize the whole process of product research and development, manufacturing and product operation and for manufacturing industry and timely correct the operating defects of manufacturing enterprises. Besides we empower industrial upgrading with 5G technology.

Functions and characteristics

Support multiple computing engines such as MaxCompute and Hadoop

Data resource support HDFS,ODPS,OSS,MySql

Support Spark tools

Flexible framework support

Drag-and-drop workflow development

Visual workflow operation

Real-time display of operation status

Multi-role collaboration support

Visual development

Data collection components: data collection, import, verification, processing components
Machine learning algorithms: feature engineering, machine learning, visual analysis, text processing components
Visualization suite: data visualization, model visualization, map visualization
All above types support custom component development

Rich component types

After completing modeling, we can deploy an online prediction cluster with one click to provide online prediction services for the model
Support the configuration of web input and output in a visual way
Support series prediction for multiple models
Support simple and flexible forecasting script configuration for each model

Online prediction

Products advantages

Easy to practice

Multi-person collaboration to quickly build algorithm training

Accurate to decide

Business configuration orchestration of decision engine

Quick to deploy

Multiple deployment projects to quickly update deployment

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