Robot integration

  The development and application of robotic automation technology is one of Worm’s businesses, in aerospace technology, auto parts, rail transit, consumer electronics, food and life sciences, warehousing and logistics, rubber and plastics, stone and wood processing, forging casting, metal processing For processing and other non-standard automation fields, Worm can provide solution products and services covering automation and robotics technical consultation, system design, hardware and software environment construction, robot programming and debugging, robot operation training, and maintenance. Worm's industrial robot technology has joined hands with non-standard automation industries to help companies solve the problem of insufficient automated production capacity.


1、The structure, performance, motion flow and reliability of industrial robots have outstanding advantages over traditional machinery.

2、The robot not only occupies a small space, but also has flexible and precise actions, and can continuously complete high-precision repetitive actions for a long time.

3、The robot has good operating flexibility and scalability, and can form a robot system that adapts to new environments and new tasks through rapid reconstruction.


Application case:  


Robot machining


Robot assembly



Robot welding


Robot spraying


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