Working principle: When the load hits the stop cap or the piston rod, the one-way valve system is closed and the speed can be adjusted accurately. The hydraulic oil is pushed by the piston to squeeze and compensate piston and the pressure spring, thereby ensuring the opening of the compensating chamber. When the external force disappears, the one-way valve opens and hydraulic oil flows in through the lower part of the piston. The pressure spring resets the compensation piston, and the return spring resets the piston rod.



1. The piston rod is sealed by a frictionless roll-shaped diaphragm. No oil will leak in a year or even longer time unless it is damaged.

2. The precision speed stabilizer does not need to replace the sealing ring regularly. There is no sliding sealing ring, so the wore and oil leakage will not happen.

Application cases:

Turning Power Head Machine


Energy-bumper punching + welding/bonding equipment


Nitto Koki-Automatic hole drilling machine


Lisec-Insulating Glass


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