Shock absorber

Working principle: industrial shock absorber are closed hydraulic components that absorb shock through the flow of internal hydraulic oil. When the load acts on the shock absorber,  the hydraulic oil can only flow out through the orifice due to the internal one-way valve system, and the number of orifices is accurately reduced to the end of the stroke. If the adjustment scale/selection is accurate, the piston rod will be steadily decelerated. The energy is converted into heat which completely disappears at the end of the stroke and the foam accumulator will be compressed to compensate for the volume of the piston rod. The internal return spring ensures that the piston rod can quickly return.



1. There are many varieties of deceleration and vibration isolation products in the standard range, and the smallest thread is M4
2. Provide special-purpose product development and design services with short delivery time
3. Testing equipment can simulate and archive customer usage conditions
4. Long life: 5 million impact life

Application cases:

Xinmeixing- Blow molding machine

EFDI-metallurgical inspection

Tiangong Cast Iron-Casting equipment  

Rexroth-pneumatic parts 


Tianjin Auto Mould-Auto welding 


TOX-non-standard automation   

MIAS-Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse  

Areva-high voltage switch 

Connie-subway sliding door shock absorption equipment 

SMS-Special steel equipment

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