pneumatic accessories

In addition to the above-mentioned cylinders, air source treatment parts and valves, Warm also provides pneumatic accessories such as air pipes, joints, mufflers and so on.

PU tube/nylon tube

PU tube (polyurethane tube) and PA tube (nylon tube) are widely used in various pneumatic systems to transmit air pressure. They are not the most important part of a pneumatic system, but they are indispensable. Without PU pipes and PA pipes, various pneumatic components are like scattered pearls and cannot complete the work of the automation system. EMC Pneumatics provides high-quality, high-precision, flexible, and exquisite-looking polyurethane and nylon tubes for pneumatic systems. It also provides polyurethane tubes of three common specifications in blue, black and orange as well as provide yellow, green and red as an alternative color. Based on the composition, Warm provides two nylon tubes —PA12 and PA11-6. According to the different applications of global customers, Warm provides metric pipes and imperial pipes. The size of metric pipe is 4-16mm, which matches the corresponding connector tube size.

Plastic connector

This series of G-threaded plastic pneumatic quick couplings has O-rings on the threads. It is not necessary to apply Teflon when installing. It can be used for polyurethane pipe and nylon tubes at the same time. The intubation size is 4-12mm and the thread size is M5-1/2". This series of hand valves have a wide range of product types.Warm provides threaded straight-through pneumatic joints, threaded elbow pneumatic joints, threaded five-way pneumatic joints, intubation joints, plastic plugs, plastic conversion quick-plug joints, flow rate control valves, etc. It is convenient for customers in different regions of the world to match different national standards and the maintenance of different equipment under the background of global integration. The materials of G thread plastic pneumatic joint is of high-quality. We product it in large-scale and it is cost-effective.


Silencer is also a kind of filter, which plays the role of filtering impurities and eliminating noise. It is widely used in solenoid valves, cylinders, air sources or other pneumatic systems that require silencers to clean exhaust gas, reduce noise and adjust exhaust flow; Warm provides various of silencers, including copper silencers, stainless steel silencers, plastic silencers, silencer exhaust throttle valves, etc. The thread size of the conventional silencers ranges from 1/8" to 1". At the same time, we provide customers with special silencers, etc. according to customer needs.

Hand/speed regulating valve

This series of plastic hand valves has a tube size of 4-16mm and a thread size of M5-1/2". The three-way design allows internal pressure gas to escape from the outlet when the hand valve is closed; the gas can go into the tube end and threaded end; we can provide multiple forms such as one end of thread and one end of intubation, two ends of threads and two ends of intubation; all hand valves can control gas in one direction, which can be used detect and maintain the system safely; meanwhile we provide metric pipes and inch pipe joints, and various of thread forms such as PT, G, NPT and so on to facilitate the match of the different national standards and the maintenance of different equipment.

The pressure switch with digital display

It is intuitionistic with pressure display.
It is safer with low-voltage and over-voltage alarm.

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