Working principle: There is a closed cavity in the pneumatic solenoid valve with  holes at different positions. Each hole of the pneumatic solenoid valve leads to  different air pipes. In the middle of the cavity is a valve. Two electromagnets are on both sides, the valve will be attracted to the side on which the magnet coil is electrified; the pneumatic solenoid valve blocks or exposes different exhaust holes by controlling the movement of the valve, and the intake hole is normally open. The high-pressure gas will enter different exhaust pipe. And then the air pressure of the pneumatic solenoid valve pushes the piston of the cylinder. It can control the mechanical movement of the entire solenoid valve by controlling the current of the solenoid of the pneumatic solenoid valve.

Solenoid valve & integrated valve set

• Integrated valve block, integrated wiring; 25-pin-sub socket;
• Supply and exhaust air intensively. It exhausts air not only from valve directly, but also from the side of the manifold. Its structure is compact;
• Double solenoid valves are on the same side to realize wiring and piping in the same direction;
•The solenoid valve on the same valve group realizes multiple functions of two-position five-way, three-position five-way, four-position five-way (2 two-position three-way)
• Response time is less than 15ms, life: 70 million times
• The coil power lows to 0.8W.

Direct-acting solenoid valve (two-position three-way)

· Direct-acting structure, move sensitively;
· Zero pressure start, can be used in vacuum occasions;
· Normally open/normally closed type, eight kinds of applications;
· Coaxial cut-off structure, no back pressure balanced valve chip, solenoid valve action is not affected by the pressure of the working medium
Strong dirt resistance and good sealing;
· Various installation methods, with manual lever for easy installation and debugging;
· The valve body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with one-time turning and milling compound processing, and the surface is hardly oxidized.

foot valve

• The size range of foot valve is 1/8"-1/4". It has multiple functions such as two-position three-way, two-position five-way, and has multiple forms such as spring reset and pedal reset to facilitate the use of different application frequencies;
•F series foot valves are widely used in various semi-automatic control systems that require foot control, such as test benches, small automatic operation equipment, etc..  We provide multiple thread options such as PT, G, and NPT according to different needs.

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