Air source handler

Working principle: although the compressed air from the branch pipeline of the gas path has been filtered and dried, it still contains in addition to a small amount of dust and moisture, fine particles of carbonized oil, rusty debris from pipes, and other impurities. All of these materials will damage pneumatic equipment and increase the abrasion of the rubber parts and parts of pneumatic components to affect the performance of pneumatic equipment. Therefore, filters are usually installed at the front end of pneumatic equipment to remove these impurities.


● Cool the high-temperature compressed air at the outlet of the air compressor to below 40℃ to condense and separate the moisture
● Adopt air-cooled type, so no cooling equipment is needed
● No need to worry about water cut and freezing and easy to maintain, so the operating cost is low

Water Drop Seperator

● Remove water droplets in compressed air
● Water removal rate: 99%
● Simple! Easy to use! Just get close to the gas path to remove water droplets!

Filter/oil mist separator/micro mist separator

● Compressed air cleanliness grade: ISO8573
● The length and width are reduced by 30%
● The weight is reduced by 30% AFF/AM□30: 0.39kg (previously: 0.55kg)
● Processing flow is increased by 50%
● Pressure drop below 10kPa
● No tools required
● Improve the work efficiency when replacing the filter element
● Transparent shield (double structure)
● Filter element adopts slit end cap

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