Pneumatic cylinder

Working principle: The air pressure is increased by the piston and then the air pressure converts the pressure of the compressed air into mechanical energy to drive mechanism do linear reciprocation, oscillating or rotating motion. The specific process is inputting compressed air into the rodless cavity and exhausting it from the rod cavity. The pressure difference between these two cavities acts on the piston to push the piston rod out; the piston rod will retract when the air goes into the rod cavity and then is exhausted by the rodless cavity. The piston can perform reciprocating linear motion if intake and exhaust air alternately between the rod cavity and rodless cavity.

Standard cylinder

●Additional installation parts: footstand for two sides, flange without rod side
●Improve the operability of the magnetic switch to adjust position easily
●Can choose the rail mounting type of magnetic switch
●Set the models of rod end mounting parts and swing base mounting parts(saving the time of ordering cylinders and supports separately)
●With magnetic switch

Main application: tension control, simple push and pull

Compact cylinder

●Space-saving and compact design
●Small auto switches can be installed on 4 sides (two sides for Φ12 to Φ25)
●The magnetic switch does not protrude from the surface
●Newly added double earring type and small foot type
●Quality: reduced by 5% to 13% (compared to the same type on the market)
●The mounting screws are bundled together, and the model of the rod end mounting part is set (saving the time to order the cylinder and the support separately)
●With magnetic switch

Main application: In the case of limited installation space, it replaces the tension control of standard cylinders, simple push and pull

Mechanically coupled rodless cylinder/linear guide type

●The rodless side cylinder lid can be piped from 4 directions
● Pipe on-site according to the configuration
● Be easy to adjust the buffer needle valve
● Adjust setting from the side to the top to increase the operability
● The magnetic switch can be installed in any position
● The setting of new dustproof sealing strip increases the service life
● The weight is lighter without changing installation/performance


Main application: heavy lifting, high-speed application on film blowing machine-flying knife device

Small pneumatic sliding table

● Allow the torque to enhance to its double times
● High rigidity   Adopt new linear guide rail to enhance the moment of force
● High rigidity  The change of new linear guide and piston reduce the mass by 19% (Φ20-10 stroke)
● Can be piped from 3 directions


Main applications: suitable for precision assembly, positioning, transfer of workpieces, etc.

Compact parallel opening and closing gripper

● Reduced size without changing the pinch distance (Φ20→Φ16)
Overall length: the maximum reduction of 21.7mm (102.7mm→81mm)
Thickness: the maximum reduction of 7.6mm (33.6mm→26mm)
Type: the maximum reduction of 180g (420g→240g)
● Using integrated linear guide, so it has strong rigidity and high precision
● Using high-precision linear guide, repeatability: ±0.01mm
● Using a higher-level linear guide to improve rigidity


Main applications: suitable for robot integration

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